10 Advance Tips To Increase App Installs

Being a good app developer in current market is not enough to get huge exposure for your new developed application. You cannot simply develop an app and pray for getting good number of downloads. Due to high competition, you should know about top 10 tips to increase your app installs. Below I’m going to explain 10 tips to increases your app install. Do apply them and it will increase your app installs for sure.

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10 Tips To Increase App Installs

1. CPI Networks

In order to get more app installs click per install (CPI) networks are one of the best ways. You can join few top CPI networks like AdMob, Millennial, Media, and Adfonic Chartboost ,Vcomission,Payoom. You need to sign up with them as advertiser. By paying few hundred bucks to get thousands of new downloads and installs. You may not good ROI at initial stage but it will return good once your app get list in top 50 apps in your industry.

2. App Referral

Existing users may help your app to get new installs. App referral method can boost your app install flow. It’s pretty popular among end users. When a user refers your app and he/she install your app then they get few cents as per install.

3. User Experience

Look and user experience of your app matters a lot in order to get new installs. So user experience should be first priority while developing your app. simply put, if user find it useful then they will pass good review.

4. Light Weight Application

There are many reasons why your app should be light weight. Like, most of the cheap smart phones come with less memory. So user won’t install your app if it’s not light weight, no matter how worthy your app is.

5. Provide Quality And Updated Information In App

Whatever information your app provides it should be updated and quality one. User may uninstall your app if your information has not some quality. Additionally, never hide information like what method you are using for monetizing your app and also if the app contains any bundle install. User will know everything about your app once they install it. So better to be honest and tell everything about your app, it will not increase negative reviews for your app.

6. Build A Brand

Branding is essential for any business. Branding will bring user’s trust and more installs for your app. For building a brand you need to find some medium size blogs. They have good amount of visitors and you need more eyeballs for your brand. Either get ad space or review for your app. You can contact owner of these blogs and ask them to write a good review about your application. They will charge little but it will lead to more exposure for your brand.

7. Exclusive Offers on App Only for Your Service

You may contact merchants to get exclusive offer for your app. People love discounts and offers so you will get new install each day.

8. Multi Lingual

Your targeted users live in different part of country and world. So having a multi lingual app will increase user experience as well as more install.

9. Facebook Ads

Facebook has billions of users and its growing rapidly. It’s a great platform to get new users for your app. Create a Facebook ad and start promoting app to promote your app to millions on people. You can hire a Facebook ads expert in order to perfectly target audience, e.g. If your app is meant for “males”, then promoting to “Females” is worthless.

Tip: Users will get bored if you always promote your app. So better promote your app occasionally with some intervals.

10. List Your Apps On Various App Stores

It’s last but not least method to get new installs for your app. Various popular app stores like Amazon Appstore, SlideME, 1Mobile Market, Mobile9, and Opera Mobile Store have massive mobile users looking for new apps. So put your app on these stores which will bring more app installs .

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