10 Things to consider before buying WordPress themes

WordPress is the world’s most deemed blogging platform. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the WordPress theme market is one of the most blooming ones due to the record number of users. Buying WordPress themes and choosing them also a hectic job. Thousands of ready made templates are just a touch away and they boast of eloquent features such as high customisability , search (SEO) friendly design and responsive codes. But unfortunately the more isn’t always merrier ! Choosing a WordPress theme from the cluster is a daring task. And more importantly, choosing one that’s a perfect suit for your needs is just “so difficult”.But not anymore ! Here are the top ten things to consider before buying wordpress themes.

buying wordpress themes

10 Checklist for buying WordPress themes

1. Search Engine Optimization < SEO >

The is nothing more encouraging than seeing your blog top the Google search results. And it could be done in an unbelievably easy way; optimizing your blog for the search engine. A manual approach involves hectic workload which requires the users to be well adapt to codes often PHP, HTML and CSS. If you are novice, it’s recommended that you choose a theme that comes pre-loaded with the basic SERP optimizations such as an inbuilt meta tag creator and Header tags. This will prove very worthy in the long run and will certainly boost the revenue from the blog. Some good themes on SEO perspective are Genesis Framework Theme, Mythemeshop etc.

In short…

  • Header Tags
  • Proper categories & tags
  • Inbuilt SEO plugins
  • Titles and Meta descriptions for posts and pages

2. PageSpeed

How often do we leave websites just because the loading icon never seems to halt and that we don’t really have much time to spare? Quite often. Your readers aren’t the most patient beings on earth. Accept it ! And here is the significance of page speed. A lighter theme optimized for proper delivery of resources such JavaScript ,Jquery and other plugins would boost the loading time by a huge margin. Not only will this bring you more readers, but will also ensure a better search engine ranking since page load speed is an important factor in determining quality of blog. So better be late than never.

Yahoo found that a reduction in page load of 400ms caused a 5-9% drop in traffic.

Some Tools to check page speed

3. Responsive design

According to the latest Google trend report ,there is a massive hike in number of people browsing the web from other smart devices such as Android,IOS phones, tablets and kindle than the conventional Desktops. This proves a strong reason why you must opt for a theme that displays beautifully in all devices irrespective of the device size. A responsive theme is what you are looking for. These themes are built with responsive codes that ensure proper and legible display of posts across all devices. In the recent news google confirmed sites not having responsive design / Mobile friendly will loose search engine rankings.

Check responsiveness online


4. Design and look

A design is simply the creative approach employed in the making of a blog or website. You can stuff your blog with content and never leave out an empty space. But how awkward will that be for the readers? A randomly designed blog is surly going to pass a bad impression about your blog. Whereas a well-designed blog will easily attract the attention of your readers. Design concept includes proper spacing of letters, selection of fonts, varying color combination used and finally the look and feel of a blog. Choosing a theme that has a natural appeal to you as a reader is certainly beneficial. In the recent trend shows people loves sites having flat design and flat UI colors.


This certainly is a very important factor in deciding which theme to buy. Navigation often comes below navigational menus. It is a commonly made mistake to use complex navigational menus that not only contains the pre-required targets such as contact, privacy policy,etc but also contains a seamless list of post and other unnecessary images that add to low page speed and high page loading time. A improper navigation may increase bounce rate and people will leave your website which will impact on your SERP rankings.

6.Cross Browser support

A webpage is rendered in different ways in different browsers. This is because some are old and not updated for long time thus unable to keep pace with changing technology. This means that a website that looks stunning in chrome might not look that great when viewed in IE or Mozilla. This problem is overcome by adjusting the page rendering according to browser used. Using themes that promises cross browser support can boost traffic and bring in more visitors.

7.W3c validation

It’s simply validation tools that cross checks the scripts and HTML Elements for errors and obsolete tags. Themes bought from premium market place are often validated. Too much errors in validation might result in low SERP rankings. You can check whether your site is validated at w3validator.com

8.Theme support

For a developer or a professional coder, this is least of worry. But if you are unfamiliar with codes, it’s almost mandatory that you should check with the theme support specification. The reason being that, at a point when you need to get a new plugin installed or unknowingly broken the code or messed up the scripts, there is no way that you could get it done or revert back the damage without a paid work. But with theme support, you could get this done with out spending a single penny.

9.Pricing and licensing

Pricing is definitely a factor for someone who plan to open a small scale blog. It’s recommended that you stay out of very cheap themes as they might not be original or might lack the basic features that other themes has. You might need to pay high for well designed and feature rich WordPress theme. But this should be least of your concerns since such themes are highly beneficial in the Long run as it helps to build a brand. Also buying WordPress themes that are  nulled or pirated may cause problems in future. Some themes come in free and some in premium, you have to decide as per your budget. Most premium themes are well developed , so spending 50$ is worth.

10. Customization

WordPress offers infinite customization starting from the design, alignment of posts, labels, subscription, comment style and security etc. If you are confident of bringing your touch into the blog, you can always play with the customization features of WordPress to enhance your blog. Customized blogs are often found to more to readers than the plain parent theme. Also they help in plenty with building your brand across the web. So make sure the theme that you choose offers a great deal of customization.

So next time must follow the above checklist before buying WordPress themes


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