6 Amazing Blog Branding Advantages You Should Know

Blog Branding !!! ?? Yes, a blog can be branded and it can help you in many ways. One thing that always effect on branding is trust.  The Reason for Branding a blog is described below.
blog branding


Advantages Of  Blog Branding

Trust to gain Link

Panic over gaining links from other sites/blogs? Who don’t love gaining links from other sites/blogs as its the main signal for ranking your blog content. You don’t need to build links day and night anymore. Branding gives you earning links rather than building links.

Before branding your blog make sure you have quality content on it. You can’t simply make a brand with crappy & copied content.

So you might be thinking how it makes trust? Okay, You have a blog with high-quality informative contents and you have promoted your contents. Let the reach is decent. So next time when another blogger will search for references for his post, he may find tons of references but you get priority as you are a brand.

For Example, When Gizmodo India was launched it was DA 1, less authoritative site. But within a month it started gaining links from various sites/blogs. Why? because Gizmodo is a brand as GIZmodo.com, a well-established site. So people don’t hesitate to link back Gizmodo India as they know its Gizmodo’s project and must have quality.

Direct Advertisers

You might have earned from AdSense and other advertising platforms but never neglect direct advertisers. They are the last hope of your earning when ad platforms will ban you. When your blog is a branded blog, you have huge returning users and subscribers. You can influence them. When a direct advertiser wants to advertise on your blog, he wants referral traffic or leads. So if your blog is a brand you can simply influence people to the advertiser may be called as “Authority Passing”.


As per google ranking factors, CTR is one of the main factors in search engine ranking. As your blog is a brand, you are in minds of many people. So let a user searches a phrase in google like “any search phrase” and see your site in rank 3, He/she will definitely want’s to know what your blog has written about that search phrase though your blog is at 3rd position. Because the user knows your blog is a brand and write good contents always.

When a user will leave the 1st and 2nd Positioned blog unclicked and click the 3rd one i.e yours, google thinks something is good in this site/blog (Your Site) that user clicked it first leaving others. Boom !! you will get rank UP.


Here is a search term “tips for hair growth” and we got results as shown below. For this phrase, cosmopolitan.com ranked at 4th. But cosmopolitan.com will get good clicks than other as people know it’s a very popular and branded blog.

Influence customer for products

Lots of sites making reviews and news, but people only listen to the site which provide great content and have a brand value. For example, let there are 2 reviews for “Apple iPhone6” by techcrunch.com and some-crappy-site.com. People will only listen to TechCrunch as all knows Techcrunch is giant for tech reviews.

Another case, You can expect a good amount of sales when you promote a product. Let you are promoting a product “X”, more people will tend to buy as it’s suggested by you (The Branded Blog). Crappy sites will not get sales as no one has faith on them.

Returning Users

The best part, returning users. When you provide great contents regularly, people will visit your blog/site regularly to read new things which will create returning users. You don’t need to rely more on search engine traffic. Returning visitors are always a positive point.

Up in SERP Rank

Let’s see how branding effects on Ranking. Let your site is “brandedblog.com”  and you have a post on “dogs” e.g. brandedblog.com/dogs.html. Your blog is currently ranking #2 on the search term “dogs”. When many people will start searching “brandedblog.com dogs”, then google thinks brandedblog.com might have great content on the dog that’s why people are searching. Boom It will give you Rank UP.


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