Why Blog Design is the Most Powerful Weapon – Importance of Theme

Over the last few years, more and more businesses have found a place for them on the internet and with websites that have become responsive and more efficient, it has become very convenient for both the website owners as well as the users to access any particular website from anywhere as well as everywhere. Since there are innumerable websites on the internet today, there are certain factors which determine the quality and outreach of your business when it comes to running a successful website. Out of these, the design of a blog or theme is what makes a website stand out of all its counterparts. Irrespective of the fact that whether the theme is free or premium, it can work wonders for your website, provided that it is used in an efficient manner.


Importance of Blog Design

A high-quality blog design or theme can certainly make your website look more appealing to the audiences, while also making it easily accessible across all mobile as well as land- based operating systems and platforms. Obviously there are several other factors as well which decide whether your website will reach the targeted audiences or not, however, design plays the most pivotal role. Apart from the content present on a website, it is the design and interface which keeps readers interested in your website. It ensures better reader engagement and also makes sure that they keep coming back to your content.
If you are someone who is looking at blogging as a long-term goal, then you must always invest in a decent and nice blog design for your website. Having an efficient blog designer for your website will bring in more consistency to your website.


Most important blog designing factors

Blog design – key points to have in mind while designing your blog

How blog design affects the traffic inflow for your website?

• First Impression is the Last Impression

As we all know, first impression is always the last impression and the same holds true for people visiting a website. The very first thing that visitors will notice on reaching your website is its look and feel and it makes a huge difference to the fact whether they would like to revisit your website or not. Also, the first impression they make of your website is absolutely regardless of how they arrived at your website. People are used to coming to conclusions and making opinions in a matter of seconds and this further makes it very crucial for you to create that perfect first impression during such a short time. Since design or theme is the very first thing that catches their attention, you must emphasise on getting the most appropriate theme or design for your website.


• Page Loading Time

People on the internet are usually very impatient when it comes to waiting for website pages to load. While designing a website or while choosing a theme for your website, always remember that there are plenty of other websites on the internet which your readers can easily navigate to, hence making it more important for you to have fast loading themes. In fact, an efficient website design will take no longer than a few seconds to completely load a page. However, it is to be noted that even slow loading websites can do really good on the internet but you will certainly not want to keep your readers waiting for your content.


• Easy Navigation

People on the internet usually visit any particular website for a reason and they will generally not browse beyond a certain number of pages. Once they reach the content they were looking for, there are very less chances that they will spend any more time on that particular website. However, you can bring a change in this visitor behaviour by ensuring that your website has an easy and swift navigation system. When deciding on the theme or blog design of your website, always go for one where you can embed internal links within the body of the content so that users have a chance to explore other pages of your website as well. This will not only ensure higher user engagement; rather it will also make a good impression for your website among your visitors. Not only this, a great blog design will also make sure that traffic even reaches the oldest posts on you website.

A great theme or blog design must come with easy and noticeable navigation bars and menu items. This will conveniently redirect your readers towards their desired content on your website. This will also bring about an increase in the number of page views.


• Better Readability of Content

Nobody likes to spend more than a few minutes on the content present on any website and the same is true for your visitors as well. The design of your website must not come in the way of your content and readers must be able to locate and read your content with utmost ease. They may not read every single word written on your website and hence, it is important to ensure easy, hassle-free, and less time-consuming navigation on your website. Your blog design should be such that it does not come in the way of your content or decrease its readability in any way. Often we see website themes overpowering the content and this is a strict NO when it comes to selecting a great theme or blog design for your website.


• Embedding Buttons/ Widgets into the Theme

Buttons and widgets are an inseparable part of every website design and an efficient blog theme is one which makes the placement of widgets and buttons convenient. Not only this, widgets, buttons, and links play a very important role in ensuring better reader engagement and increased traffic inflow. In an efficient blog design or theme, you must be able to include buttons and widgets which your readers can use for posting their opinions and votes. The same is true in the case of comment boxes as well.
Blog designs and theme are the backbone of your website and with time, it helps in providing a great brand value to your online business.


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