Buy Expired Domains – Detailed Checklist & How-To Guide

With the passage of time, daily there are many websites rising on the internet. In the same time many websites also going down creating expired domains. Today expired domains plays a vital role in blogging and SEO. This guide will also cover up the process through which you can buy expired domains like a pro so in short it’s a complete guide to buy expired domains. As I noted above, I’m starting now with sharing the features i.e. benefits of buying expired domain followed by certain issues which you may face.


What is an Expired Domain

Expired domains are the domains used previously by some webmasters. Some webmasters register domains for their website, but after some years they can’t manage them. Reasons may be several and as a result either they sell it to other webmasters or keep them unmanaged. So when the renewal period exceeds, the domains get expired and which are known as “Expired Domains”.

Usage of Expired Domains.


Expired Domains can be used to create normal website or blog, after all it’s just a domain. Some people use it create a PBN. All expired domains may not have authority, but try to get exp. domains with higher authority as for a new domain it will take some time may be more time to gain authority.

On the SEO perspective you can get a back link from this site to any of your site (Remember you are getting a back link from a site which has authority and under your control). Also Your blog will rank well as it already has Domain authority.

Expired Domains, Good Or Bad ??

Expired Domains works like a charm if they are good but if not they are just a waste. For example if the domain is already penalized by Google may it have any Page Rank or Authority, then it is foolish thing to buy. On the other hand if the domain had good response at Google in past then it’s good to buy.

  1. Good Expired Domain – Best Result
  2. Expired having no good Criteria but Not Penalized by Search Engine – You buy expired domains like this, it’s just as a new domain except the domain age factor.
  3. Expired Domains Penalized by Search Engine – Better to Avoid

How to buy expired domain

How to buy an expired domain – Detailed Process.

Where to Find Expired Domains

You Can Search Expired Domains in Many Sites . Below are top 5 tools which I Recommend.

  5. PrPowershot

All the above 4 are websites where as 5th is a software.









Some of the websites need to register and some not. So visit the sites and use the metrics filter to perfect search for buy expired domains.

I Recommend the last software (PrPowershot) and as you can get Majestic and MOZ metrics in either tools as filter .

Important Criteria to Look Before Buying Expired Domains

This is the main Part of this topic. Here I will describe the key factors to look before buying domains

  • Name and Niche
  • Page Rank
  • Domain Age
  • Google Indexed
  • Backlink Profile
  • Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow
  • Alexa Rank

Lets Describe

Name and Niche

It’s Better to buy expired domains having good name and the niche you want to build with it. Same niche provides link juice. For example if the expired domain is about apple but you want to create site with orange, hence it’s not recommended. But if the expired domain is about fruit and you want to build website about orange , then you can little compromise.

Page Rank

Page Rank is most needed part of expired domains. Try to get higher PR domain if possible. Page Rank greater than 3 recommended for good result.

Domain Age

Domain age has an important role in case of authority. So greater the age good for domain. For More Result go for domain age > 2yrs

Google Indexed

The Most Important part, If the site is not indexed in search engine means it has been penalized or De-Indexed.

You can check by search in Google with the below command


If you get at least 1 result means it’s still indexed by Google which is preferable.

Backlink Profile

You can Check Backlink Profile with various tools like


Symptoms of bad BackLink Profile and Avoid this.

  1. Backlinks are only from spamming e.g. comments ,forum spam, maximum non-contextual backlinks etc
  2. Anchor Text Spam – It means site has only exact match anchor text profile.
  3. Linked to a page which has more than 20 Out bound links.
  4. Linked to sites which has penalized by Search Engine
  5. Lot of Edu and .Gov back links. (For frank why Education and Government site will link you Unless you have not such great content )
  6. Link velocity is not continues
  7. Linked to P*rn or Gamble Websites.
  8. Have lot of 301 redirection links (2-3 acceptable).

Any domain exclude this things are acceptable . and preferable if it has contextual links from high authority sites link, etc

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

DA and PA are the metrics by . However they are very useful these days are Google officially told no Page Rank toolbar update in future.You can check DA & PA in

So for better result choose DA>25 , PA>30


Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF)

TF and CF are Metrics of You can check TF & CF in website.

I recommend TF>10 and having CF/TF~1.8.

Alexa Rank

I don’t believe on alexa rank on expired domains. If you get lower alexa (having traffic) expired domain, then buy expired domain traffic. But if the Exp. domain has no alexa then don’t worry you can lower alexa with some decent traffic within some months.


Where to buy expired domains

There are no of sites where you can buy expired domains. After choosing your domain, search in this registrars and if available buy it.


After Buying Expired Domains

Maintain Link Velocity

After buying expired domain don’t think you have authority so any post will rank. May be you have back links but build new backlinks also as it will maintain link velocity . Without link Velocity Your site will not rank good.

Post & Update Regularly

Google added freshness algorithm to its search. So more frequently updating blog will rank higher. So Keep posting and updating your blog for freshness and also update some of your old post.

Create a 404 Error Page

You can get the broken links of an expired domain by some tools e.g. . After that you can build-up a page with same url to minimize your site’s broken links. But if you are not expert in Broken link building just set a 404 page, so that your site have no broken links.


Wrap up

So this was the complete guide to buy expired domains from my side. If you need assistance in any particular step then feel free to start conversation down in comment section.

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