Buzzsumo Review – How I Create Great Content that Ranks

Buzzsumo Review: BuzzSumo was introduced to me by a friend who already takes full advantage of the tool to perform his content research on various topics and subjects. It is not only one of the best tools for content research, but it also provides some great tools if you are looking for something that helps you in social media promotion or social media research.

This post is about the features that BuzzSumo has to offer and we will look at each and everything in detail so hang tight and read the BuzzSumo review that I have compiled for you.


What exactly is BuzzSumo?

This is an obvious question to ask if you don’t know what BuzzSumo actually is. BuzzSumo is actually a content research, Influencer tracking and monitoring tool that provides you with a suite of amazing things. Following are some of the functionalities that this tool provides.

  • Find viral and most shared content on various social media platforms.
  • You can provide your target domain and analyze things that are being shared.
  • You can look or effective influencers related to a topic you are researching on.
  • Keep track of keywords, your brands, authors and links.
  • Track your competitors to keep a close eye on their strategies.

Let’s explore this awesome tool


The tool is categorized in 3 parts

  1. Content Research (Get Ideas)
  2. Influencers (Find Outreach Possibilities)
  3. Monitoring (Tracking the trends)

1.    Content Research (Get Ideas)

It’s pathetic when no one reads your content which you have written by researching hour and hours. So why don’t you write a content that can reach people?

I say this part is to “Get Ideas” as we can gather a lots of ideas before writing a new piece of content. We can get what’s trending on social media and also what’s the related articles circulating on social media for our article idea.

In brief it will help either write “what peoples like” or “let people like” your content.

So let’s start making an awesome content.  It has 5 sub tools

  1. Most Shared
  2. Trending Now
  3. Backlinks
  4. Content Analysis
  5. Facebook Analyzer


Most Shared: Check the most shared posts for your keyword/domain/competitor

This is one of the highlight features of BuzzSumo. You can look up the most searched posts for a keyword, domain or your competitor using this feature.

buzzsumo review


You can see data from all over the web with this search and this is definitely one of the best ways to perform content research.

Trending Now: Track Trending Content & take action

buzzsumo review

You can take advantage of the Trending Content section in order to track what content is trending on the internet for a particular category. You can also choose domains instead of keywords to track in which you can spy on your competitors and see which of their content is going viral.


The Trending Content Feed will show all the content within different time frames and you can filter out content that was posted within 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours etc. of you searching for the trending content.

buzzsumo review


You can also see the number of shares on each of these posts to see the level of virility each of these posts have achieved within the time you are searching them.


Backlinks Backlinks History & Analysis

Content is the king but backlinks are definitely the crown jewel. Good content can hardly do any good if they are not accompanied by a good set of backlinks. The Backlinks analyzer in BuzzSumo provides a great way to analyze backlinks of a competitor’s website or a page that you are competing with. You can then take appropriate actions and make links yourself in order to get ahead.

There are other backlink analysis tools in market. I will not say its perfectionist in backlink analysis but if you are in less budget, this tool can fulfil requirement to some extent.

Content Analysis

Content analysis tool provides the clear graphical representation for a particular keyword i.e. the growth, trend, length of articles, and top shared content related to this keyword.

Facebook Analyzer : See what gets most interaction with Facebook Analyzer

If you want to focus on the social part of your brand, then the Facebook Analyzer will provide you a great deal of functionalities. Most of the things that brands post on Facebook is not based on some guess work.

There are different types of content that people love to share and like on Facebook and this is what you can search with the Facebook Analyzer.


buzzsumo review

You can search a keyword in the Facebook Analyzer and it will show a number of posts along with the number of likes, comments and shares. This will give you an idea of what people like to see for the keyword that you are targeting.

If you want to see which posts of your competitor went viral in the past, then you can use the Search by Page functionality of the Facebook Analyzer in order to see the top posts of your competitor. This is another great tool to analyze competition.

buzzsumo review


How to create a viral content with Buzzsumo that actually works?


Capture content idea for a brand new post using BuzzSumo Content Research tools

We all write content but do we know which content has the potential to go viral? Well with BuzzSumo you can achieve that easily. There are a few steps you have to follow and use BuzzSumo effectively in order to get a content idea what will go viral in no time.


Finalize a keyword using Google Keyword Planner

Go to the Google Adwords webpage and then go to Tools > Keyword Planner. Enter the keyword for which you want to get ideas and choose a suitable keyword for your content. You can choose from a list of keywords that have competition ranging from Low to High. You can choose a good High keyword if you wish to since you already have a high competition which means this keyword is being searched actively.

buzzsumo review


Now get the content from Google Keyword Planner and then let us bring things to BuzzSumo.

Research most shared content related to your keyword

Now that you have your keyword, you can look for the most shared content related to your keyword. Now you can choose one of the posts or take ideas from different posts from the results and then you can create your own post that is much better than what is being shared.


buzzsumo review

Get the content prepared and share it

Now that you have the content ready with you, you can start promoting it within your social media circles.

But did you know that you can also look for Influencers related to your keyword and get the content shared by them? This is another feature of BuzzSumo that we will cover next.


Influencers (Find Outreach Possibilities)


How to use Influencers tools perfectly?  

Influencer tool is nothing but reaching out to the real people in the same business.  After you write a great piece of content, now it’s time to get traffic to that content as much as possible.

So how you can do with Buzzsumo Influencer tool?

Now go to that tool and search the same keyword that you have targeted in your content. Ex. I have written an article “how to do affiliate marketing via Pinterest”.

There are to main Keywords here: “affiliate marketing “and “Pinterest”. Now my aim will be to reach bloggers, publishers who writes about “affiliate marketing” & “Pinterest”. So let’s search the term on our Influencer tool.

buzzsumo review

So now you get some contacts who normally writes in this niche. Get connected with them and tweet your article to them.

How This will help?

  • Either they retweet your article which can reach many peoples and can drive a lot of traffic.
  • Link your article in any of their article (Can rank your article higher in search engine)


Export Outreach Lists

Now that you have collected a list of people that you can get your brand or campaigns featured by. The Outreach Lists section of BuzzSumo saves the list of influencers you researched and then you can export the list easily. Keep in mind that you will need to connect your Twitter account with BuzzSumo so make sure you have one.


Create Audience using the Audience Builder

The Audience Builder tool on BuzzSumo works like a charm. I can say it’s the advance version of “Twitter Influencer tool”. Here you can get twitter profiles who have shared content that you are looking forward to produce.

Also the hidden treasure is the post link that they shared.  BINGO!!! Now you got the blogs who have already written the content related to your article idea.

buzzsumo review

So why wait? use this Email outreach technique and pitch your article to them. May be you will get a link back from them. That’s cool.

Also as said before: You can then choose to follow them and tweet to them and there will be chances that they will retweet or like your tweet which will give you enough leverage to build new audience.

3. Monitoring (Tracking content)

Spy & Monitor on Brands & Competitor like a pro

One of the best features of BuzzSumo is the ability of monitor brands, your competitors, backlinks, an author and even the keyword mentions that you are targeting.

buzzsumo review

You can use this tool in many ways.

  • Backlink Outreach purpose
  • Tracking backlinks of competitors
  • Brand Awareness (Self + Competitor)


You will also be able to see where the keyword is being mentioned so you have more data and with all these features, you can see how powerful the monitoring feature of BuzzSumo becomes.



How to use?

You can search your targeted keyword and get a result of sites which have use that keyword in recent topic. Now you can make an email outreach to them saying that you have written an article related to that keyword and if lucky, get a back link from that article.

With “Brand Mention” and “competitor Mentions” You can track the Brand Mentions of your and your competitors’ websites.


You can choose to get email updates about these monitors so when BuzzSumo detects anything, you will be notified via email either instantly or in a daily email summary which you can choose.

After creating an alert, you will be able to monitor things like mentions in the current day, in last 7 days and even in the last 30 days. This will help you in identifying the frequency in which the keyword is being searched. If the graph is going up, then it is clear that the keyword is still having a potential and you can work on it strategically. You will also be able to see the decline in the graph.


Pricing & Plans

Before going any further into the BuzzSumo review, lets clear the plans and pricing part of BuzzSumo out of the way. There are three plans that BuzzSumo offers and you can read about them and their features below.

  • Pro – $79/month (Yearly bill)
  • Agency – $239/month (Yearly bill)
  • Enterprise – $559/month (Yearly bill)


All three versions have their own features. Enterprise provides you the full package and is suitable for bigger brands while the Pro package that provides all the necessary stuff is good for smaller publishers and blogs. You can look at the features comparison in the image below.


BuzzSumo is definitely something great in this sea of other such tools. The features that you get with BuzzSumo are definitely worth what you pay for. You can use BuzzSumo and features such as looking for suitable influencers, looking for content ideas, checking viral content history and all such things in one page.


The best thing about this is that you get to use this feature on the web instead of a software you need to down and it is definitely a plus point. You can choose to sign up for a free trial of 14 days and afterwards you can choose a plan for yourself and continue with the services.

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