Grammarly Review : The Best English Grammar Checker Tool

Grammarly Review:

No matter you are a native English speaker or it’s your second language, errors in writing is totally unacceptable. It is here you need a smart grammar checking tool that identifies your mistakes and tells you what you should write instead. Today, I am going to review Grammarly, one of the best online/offline grammar checker tools.
Grammarly calls itself as the world’s best grammar tool and rightfully so because it is recommended by authorities like Forbes, amongst others. It detects almost every possible error that a human eye or a basic text editor like MS word fails to do.

grammarly review
Features of Grammarly:

1) Different profiles for different needs:
Grammarly easily identifies up to 250 errors in punctuation that and 10x times the common grammatical mistakes that even MS Word can’t detect. It doesn’t apply a one rule for all. You can set Grammarly to correct your copy based on what type of content it has and the niche you are writing for.
If you are a blogger, academic, research student or a script writer Grammarly has different profiles for you so that the content remains reliable.
2) Plagiarism checker:
If you are an online writer, you must be aware of how dangerous plagiarism is! Copied content can put your site/blog in bad terms with Google and lower your SERP. Even if you don’t copy articles of others, Grammarly checks for traces of writing styles in your article that could match already published articles elsewhere and suggests you to check it.
This feature is also beneficial for academic teachers to check the authenticity of student projects and also helpful if you are hiring someone to write your content.

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3) Proofreading tools:
Grammarly comes with a suite of proofreading tools that gets your blog post proofread by real humans for just 2$. If you are a newbie or can’t invest much this option can be easily skipped.
4) Great integration:
Grammarly comes with an MS word Add-in that pretty well integrates with your word processor and detects any grammatical errors while writing the word itself.
You can also download the Grammarly extension of chrome and Firefox so that it checks your errors while typing on any sites or social platforms like Facebook twitter etc.
It also checks helps you to check your emails.
5) It suggests confused words and common errors like its and It’s.
6) Its interface is extremely user-friendly and has a huge knowledge base of grammar rules. This obviously helps the user to refine his language skills.
7) One of the best features off Grammarly is it not only corrects your mistakes but also suggests how you can make your article more effective. It alliteratively teaches you the rules for the used corrections so that you don’t have to repeat that further.

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How to use Grammarly:

Grammarly is very simple to use. In case you still wonder how to use it effectively let me explain it to you below:
1) Direct Upload:
You can directly upload your word file on the Grammarly appspace.
2) The chrome extension can help you correct your mistakes, suggest enhancements and write better directly while you are typing on the web. This can be your social account, a friend’s site, WordPress dashboard or your email client.

My Verdict:
I have been using Grammarly for quite a couples of months and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to safeguard his/her brand image online. If you are looking for an efficient grammar checker tool then look no further, this is what you should try. If you are still hesitant, Grammarly comes with a free trial. Click here to try it for free.

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