How to use Google Drive as CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Want to increase your server speed and reduce the cost on maintenance then please do opt to store your data in google drive now. The best thing about this feature in google drive is, one need not to pay rental, it is super-fast, can upload any kind of static website and easy to use. The only default is one can’t upload any dynamic site in this drive and one need to refresh there content regularly to maintain their site. Here is the detailed way to upload your website through google drive.

google drive as cdn

How to use Google Drive as CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Follow the below steps blindly to convert your google drive into cdn. We are mentioned all operation that you have to do during converting your Google drive into a CDN.

  1. Open your google drive from the browser and select my drive folder in it. Create a new folder and call it as public_cdn. After creating the new folder, select the small down arrow which is placed just beside the folder and click on the option called select details.
  1. Now move to sharing option in details and pop-up window will come up to screen, under the “who can access tab”, then tap on change button and it will lead you to another pop-up window.
  1. Select the visibility option to public by ticking the radio button and change access value to anyone (this helps in no signin option for this folder). Then move to save button and save your settings.
  1. Public_cdn will act as the cdn folder for website and store down the folder id of public_cdn. This works as a string value of your url when you are accessing the public_cdn folder. Remember it changes for everyone who wants to access this feature and don’t think it as a static option.
  1. Now upload all your files to public_cdn folder and access your website from this folder itself without any special charges.
  1. Move to your Domain control panel and select Domain, then click on the manage domain option, select the domain name, select “All Host Records” option, then select create a new sub-domain and don’t forget to click save option now.

Now start your own personal static website with google drive and create a wave in the World Wide Web without any transactional or maintenance charges.

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