Install Node JS In Ubuntu With 2 Easy Steps

Programming server side and building network applications in server side usually takes time, this can be reduced with node.js. Node.js is server scripting language based on JavaScript and it can be used in developing robust applications quickly. People who are using linux operating system might face some difficulty while installing node.js in their computers and let me show you a quick guide on how to install this server scripting technology.

install node js

Install Node JS In Ubuntu

Installing the stable version to your distro:

The latest version of Ubuntu is 14.04 and it is already pre-loaded with node.js but the pre-loaded version will never be the latest might be the stable version. In order to install node js version we need to go for repositories. Even in repositories it is really hard to find the latest version but here the assurance to stability is expected. In order to install this stable and one of the latest versions available in the repositories can be downloaded using terminal.

Now in terminal, it is easy to download the required software’s without any delay and waste. This is the 1st method to install node js.

Installing through Terminal:

  1. Open terminal and type the following commands:
    1. Sudo apt-get update
    2. Sudo apt-get install nodejs
  2. The fist command will help you in searching updates and the 2nd command will helps you in install the upgraded version.
  3. Along with this installation a package manager is available and it is hard sometimes to find the library of package managers. Use the following command to install the npm:
    1. Sudo apt-get install npm


Installation through PPA:

Sometimes people do feel hard in installing packages through terminals, so it is also easy to install node.js through personal package archiver known as PPA. Usualy PPA will have upgraded versions than the repositories, so here we may get stable version along with latest version. This is the alternative method  to install node js in ubuntu.

  1. To install node.js through PPA, first we have to install PPA. Here is the code to install PPA:
    1. Curl-sL | sudo bash –
  2. After the PPA installation one need to install node.js from terminal
    1. Sudo apt-get install noedjs
  3. Installing node.js need its essentials too, like build-essentials, npm packages and many more
    1. Sudo apt-get install build-essential


Now install you favorite version of node.js and start building your network applications and code some of the front end applications to increase your flexibility of the project. Now choose your best way to installing the node scripting technology and increase your performance with the best as well as suitable package to your computer.


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