15 New Premium & Free Login Form Template [HTML+CSS]

The whole Internet is today filled with Login Forms. Don’t you think so? For suppose if you are in a songs website, the website will be asking you login or atleast make yourself a user. Not only in those sites but also in each and every site we go. If we are looking for something then we need to offer something. We may have come across a lot of HTML based login form templates, but here in this article we are presenting you the those templates which are developed by frond end developers using CSS3. The styling is premium and will definitely make your users login as soon as they visit your site.

  1. Calm Login Screen

It is a simple login form with some coolest animated Background. Take a look and just try it.


Demo /  Download

2.Login Form using FB and G+

Most of the users today don’t want to start creating a user. They just want to access everthing using facebook and google. This is the one for all  of those.


Demo / Download

3.White Transparent Login Form

It is a premium login form template which is easily customizable using options.


Demo / Download

4.Batman Login Form

It is dark login from and is built using CSS3.


Demo / Download

5. Unfolding Login Form

Give your users a username and just let them use all the services.


Demo / Download

6.Smarter Home Contact Form

It is a responsive widget template. It is simple and you can give a short info of your site.


Demo / Download

7.Custom Login Form

Let the users enter their email and sign in.


Demo / Download

8.Flat UI Login Form

Highly preferred login form template.


Demo / Download 

9.Bootstrap Login Form

It comes with 3 customizable templates and is built on bootstrap framework.


Demo / Download

10. Elegant Login Form

It is plain and transparent. if your site is simple, then go for it.


Demo / Download

11. Signin Form

It is a plain template which is simple and highly used.It has got minimal design and blends in any site.


Demo / Download

12.Flat Login Form

Flat login form template is elegant and is done using html and css.


Demo / Download

 13. Simple PSD Login Form

This Login Form is PSD based and it is Free for personal and commercial use!

login form

Demo/ Download

14. Entrar Shadow Flat Form Template

Make a simple and attractive sign in sign up page for your website with the help of Entrar shadow flat form template.


Demo / Download

15. Professional Client Login Form Template

Professional Client Login Form Template is a new Premium Template finished in 4K resolution (3840x2160px). The extra-smooth UI offer the best interaction w/ the user.

Login form data

Demo / Download

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