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When you are doing internet marketing, you should know different types of earning opportunities as much as possible.  Because you can’t simply rely on 1 source of income. There are hundreds of earning source available today for a blogger / internet marketer. You need to do A/B testing to see which source is giving maximum profit also you can use multiple earning sources  to get extra passive income.


As many bloggers or webmasters completely rely on AdSense as their revenue stream, they lose their mind when their AdSense account get banned. But if you have at least another revenue generating platform then you can simply switch it and continue earning decent amount.

What is is a link shortener  service that helps to shorten a link like and Unlike and, its helps us to generate revenue through its ads.

The beauty of this service is you can run along with other ad services (e.g. AdSense). So for all shortened links from your site, you will earn some extra bucks when someone clicks it and visit the respective link.


  1. Instant approval.
  2. Clean Dashboard with API access.
  3. High commission compared to other networks
  4. Better Referral System (20% Lifetime from each of your referral).
  5. Real-time statistics.

How to Register and Start

  1. Visit either by typing or click Here
  2. Then on the upper menu bar you will find a link “Join”
  3. Click On that and fill the details and click “Register”, You can also register via Facebook
  4. You will receive a confirmation link mail and clicking on the link, your account will be activated.
  5. Now you can login and use all features.

How It Works & How To Earn from Short Links

  1. On your dashboard there is a filed for shortening links. Place any link on it and “shorten”
  2. This will generate a shortened link e.g.
  3. So whenever someone clicks on and visits the link you shortened then you will get paid
  4. You can share the link in any channel e.g. social, blogs, forums etc.

Extra Features

1.Quick Link

With quick link feature, you can generate short links with a single effort. You will be given an API key
e.g. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
So you don’t need to create short links one by one,  Just use this syntax /

it will be redirected to automatically generated short link for you.

2.Developers API

If you want to use for any of your project scripts, you can use their API which returns value in JSON format.

3.Mass Shrinker

You can shrink 20 URLs at a time with Mass Shrinker Tool.

4.Site wide Monetization

It also offers full page script, by which you can customize outbound or interlinks to be automatically shortened. No need to shrink links one by one.

5.Social Share Widget

You can monetize your Web Pages  FB share, G+ votes, and Tweets. Anyone who will like, vote and tweet will pass through link shortener which will generate revenue.

6.WordPress Plug-in

If you have WordPress blog, then there is a plug-in by which you can automatically shorten links. Payout, Rates & Payment Modes

You have to make at least 5$ to withdraw money.

Rates depends upon diff locations. If Tier 1 countries will visit your link it will give you best rates. It has best rates for 1000 visits from the USA , i.e. 4.5$. You can check the rates here.

Money can be withdrawn via Paypal or Payoneer.

Final Words

Good opportunity for webmasters to earn passive income thru shortening links. Helpful to generate extra revenue along with ads. Any difficulty ?? comment below.


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