5 White Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid Penguin Penalty

white hat seo is the only type of seo approach that is search engine friendly and works like charm. The Main thing is its safe for long term SEO. This approach to getting backlinks for seo requires hard work but the rewards always lead your site towards the top in the SERPs. Here are some of the best white hat link building/SEO techniques you should be following.

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5 White Hat SEO Tips

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best and most popular form of building backlinks on terms of high quality and problem-solving posts. Here, quality and insightful posts are used to gain links. Here are some of the ways to see content marketing to build links.

  1. a) Writing epic content based on something that is already working:

In order to outrank the already ranking articles and attract authority backlinks, you must write content that has more depth than the original articles, is more up-to-date, and has a better user experience. This method is also called the skyscraper technique.

  1. b) Using expert generated content:

One of the most viral methods of gaining tons of social shares and links is using expert generated content aka expert round-ups. Here you ask a question (like top writing tools, if you are in freelance writing niche) to the authority bloggers in your niche. Then publish this collection of answers as a blog post addressing the question asked.


  • Links from those experts in their about or “as seen on” section.
  • Social sharing from those featured experts, which gets tons of reshares.
  • Tons of traffic as your post would catch the eyes of the followers of those experts.
  • Ultimately more visibility equals more chances of getting backlinks.
  1. Guest Posting:

Guest posting occurs when you publish a blog post on another blog (not owned by you). Though guest posting for SEO is dead, you can still make use of guest posting on authority and more popular site to drive exposure to your own blog. This will help you to broaden your readership and you can more chances of getting linked to. You can also use guest posting to occasionally place a link to a relevant article on your blog which is considered as white hat seo. This will be helpful to your readers and will not appear spammy.

  1. Blogger Email Outreach:

Email outreach for link building converts very well provided you know how to do it right. In this process you send out cold emails to your prospects and ask them to place a link to your content on their blog. But, there is more to the process than this. In order to get links from your outreach emails, you got to follow certain rules like:

  • Always have the tone of a human rather than an automated email,
  • Show your prospect, what benefit he gets by linking to your blog like fixing of broken link, or a more resourceful content than the existing link.
  • Use the word “you” and the name of the prospect freely in your email body. Here is why you should do it.


  1. Infographics:

The never ending trend of infographics can bring you a lot of white hat links, You can use any free infogaphic making tool like visual.ly or piktochart to create professional looking infographics within no time. If you create stunning and quality infographic around popular topics you can attract a lot of backlinks. Neil Patel uses this strategy to gain tons of backlinks to his blog. Here is a guide from him showing how to do it effectively.

  1. Broken Link Building:

Broken link building is not only effective but also search engine friendly because you are also helping to fix the broken and dead links from the web. Here is how to use broken link building to get high quality backlinks.

Find the broken link on other authoritative blogs that point to a 404 page (non-existent page). You can use a chrome extension like check my link or a premium tool like screaming frog to scrape broken links on any desired web page.

You can then create a post around the topic that link used to be and email (the outreach method explained above) the webmaster or owner of the blog showing him the broken link and asking to get it replaced by your content.

If you are a Wikipedia editor, you can use certain tools like WikiGrabber to collect all the broken links in Wikipedia and replace those links with your related content. Needless to say, how much valuable a link thus gained from Wikipedia would be for your blog SEO. Here is a detailed guide on how to do it.

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